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Every relationship needs to be given adequate attention to be relevant, and empowered to grow into something beautiful. We humans are absolute suckers for attention. Even our pets and flowers in the garden are not exempted from this wagon. Though some people have a rather skewed sense of self importance, and believe other people to be inferior, thus, impacting negatively on their relationship. Giving your time, Showing affection, Being sincerely concerned about the affairs of your partner, Making the effort to contribute to the well-being of your spouse, Proffering a solution or a way forward, Giving a piece of well-meaning advice,   Spending quality time together at every opportunity, Giving assistance, Showing lots and lots of love, etc. All these actions and more, do go a long way to lubricate the wheels and engine of your relationship, thereby making it a warm, cozy environment that can weather every storm of…

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